Awarded to the Columbia Lake Stewardship Society to improve knowledge of water resources and steps that can be taken to protect them, and to ongoing monitoring of the lake to examine the implications of water trends on the preservation of the riparian and wetland areas at both ends and evaluate means to sustain lake water health.

PROPONENT: Columbia Lake Stewardship Society (CLSS)

DESCRIPTION: CLSS’s work aims to help the understanding of how residential and human development, climate change, invasive and problematic species and recreational activity are impacting Columbia Lake. The overall goal of CLSS is to improve the community’s knowledge of water resources and the steps that can been taken to protect them. Three main activity areas are their focus: Water Quality Monitoring, Water Quantity Monitoring, and Community and Stakeholder Education.

OBJECTIVE: CLLS monitors baseline water quality by periodic measurements of established parameters to identify any contaminants that may enter the lake. The CLSS has operated a surface water quantity monitoring program since 2015. The long-term objective of this work is to account for all of the water entering and leaving Columbia Lake, and the aim of collecting this water quantity data is to note the impact of climate change and development as well as to serve as input to future water management strategies and community plans. These water quality and quantity databases provide scientific baseline data that establishes the water quality and quantity of the lake over time and CLSS provides this data and educational experiences to local communities and decision makers.

CLSS also engages, educates and informs community members and stakeholders to help raise their awareness of how recreational activities, development, invasive species and climate change can impact Columbia Lake, and the Columbia Valley watershed.


An overview of the project, which received CVLCF funding in 2020.

Nancy Wilson with the Columbia Lake Stewardship Society presented on this project as part of the 2020 KCP Virtual Spring Tour held on June 22, 2020 featuring five projects that receive funding from the Kootenays’ two Local Conservation Funds.