Awarded to the Groundswell Network Society to provide measurable, achievable, actions addressing water conservation and climate change impacts.

PROPONENT: Groundswell Network Society

DESCRIPTION: Building understanding and creating positive behavioural change related to climate change and its effects on ecosystems and our society has been a cornerstone of Groundswell Network Society’s mission and actions since the organisation was founded in 2000. Their work has a focus on applied education programming so that people can learn how to affect change for sustainability where they live and work. This project aimed to provide measurable, achievable actions addressing climate change impacts in the Kootenays.

OBJECTIVE: The Groundswell Climate and Water Conservation Action Initiatives ‘Good Greenhouse Effect’ Program achieved measurable, achievable objectives addressing water conservation and climate change impacts in the Kootenays in three primary areas:

  1. Renewable Energy and Water: Continued development and delivery of the Applied Sustainable Living Programs at the Community Greenhouse & Permaculture Garden. Organic, zero carbon food production extended from February to November in the Community Greenhouse and was expanded in the outdoor community gardens from May to Sept. A renewable energy learning program was developed and refined in community tours and school programs.
  2. Organic Waste Reduction: Expansion of the Groundswell Community Composting Services program in the commercial & residential sectors. GNS Community Composting Services successfully engaged commercial and residential clients and the goal of matching or exceeding 2014’s compost volume of 32,000 litres was achieved (48,000 litres processed in 2015).
  3. Transportation: Developed and launched two new initiatives – Community Vehicle Share and a voluntary Community Climate Investment program for air travellers called ‘Fly It Forward’.

PHOTOS: Ally Candy and Bill Swan