Creston Corridor

The Creston Valley connects a portion of the South Selkirk and South Purcell mountains and holds the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA) which covers ~41% of the valley bottom.

The […]

Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor

The Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor (BBC) includes the 15-km-long valley along Bonanza Creek between Slocan and Summit lakes. It encompasses an area of 12,865 hectares (ha) that link Slocan and Summit […]

Target Species

Target species intro

Target Species: Bats

Year 2 Video: Northern Myotis Habitat Project

As fewer old growth trees remain on the […]

Climate Change Adaptation

Year 1 Highlights

The highlights from Kootenay Connect project work completed for Climate Change Adaptation for Year 1 (2019-20) are listed below.

Report: Bonanza & […]

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