2020 Fall Gathering

The organizing theme for the 2020 Fall Gathering was “Conservation in a Time of Uncertainty: Adapting to Challenges”.

2019 Fall Gathering

The 2019 KCP Fall Gathering was held in Invermere on October 4 & 5, and had over 60 people from 30+ organizations attend!

2018 Fall Gathering

The 2018 KCP Fall Gathering was held in Nelson on October 12 & 13 had 70 people from 34 organizations attend, 28 of which were KCP partners.

2017 Fall Gathering

Almost 50 people from the Kootenays and beyond came together in September for the 2017 KCP Fall Gathering at the Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort in Cranbrook to learn and share ideas on “Grassland to Wetlands: Connecting Diversity”.

2016 Fall Gathering

Over 40 people from throughout the Kootenays came together at the KCP Fall Gathering to learn and share ideas on “Promoting Conservation on Private Land: A Local Conservation Toolkit”.

2015 Fall Gathering

Kootenay Conservation Program partners congregated for our 2015 Fall Gathering and Annual General Meeting on September 26-26 at St. Eugene Mission Resort.

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