Awarded to the Toby Benches Society and Lake Windermere Rod and Gun Club towards improving water quality in two lakes and three streams and increase water quality for several wetlands by constructing a small dam and installing 3.5 km of irrigation pipe.

PROPONENT: Toby Benches Society & Lake Windermere District Rod and Gun Club

DESCRIPTION: Water flows to Lillian Lake had been diminishing over time, jeopardising fish habitat and public recreation. Nearby, the Bruce Creek (locally referred to as Boulder Creek) diversion ditch for augmenting water to Enid and Wilmer Lakes was in disrepair. This project involved re-diverting upper Neave Creek back to its original channel to increase flows into Lillian Lake, increasing flushing rates, improving water quality and restoring fish and wildlife habitat.

OBJECTIVE: The Boulder Creek Diversion Project brought together two neighbouring communities to resolve a common issue. Objectives of the project were to: 1) Increase water quantity in two streams, three lakes and several wetland habitats resulting in improved water quality and the long term maintenance of biological diversity in a 1,800 ha area; 2) Enhance and maintain habitat that was degraded from residential and commercial development and address reduced stream flows expected from climate change; and 3) Provide a stable supply of irrigation water to local agricultural producers, helping accommodate the increasing levels of recreation in the area such as fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing.

PHOTOS: Peter Holmes