Species at Risk & Conservation Values

Highlights from Year 2 (2020-21) & Year 3 (2021-22) are listed below.

Year 3 Highlights (2021-22)

This report is the conclusion of a three-year study that included ecosystem mapping, habitat assessments, and an in-depth inventory of the full range of biodiversity that occurs in the watershed. Beyond inventories and mapping the watershed, a main outcome of the project was the development of a conservation values assessment map that combines all the existing ecological information for the watershed on a single map in the form of high-value conservation areas and species-at-risk management zones. 

Year 2 Highlights (2020-21)

The Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor (BBC) is known as a biodiversity hot spot, with a diverse and ever-increasing list of species confirmed in the area. The Biodiversity and Species-at-Risk Project is a three-year sub-project of the Kootenay Connect – Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor Ecosystems Enhancement Projects. This report is the summary of the first two years of the project.

Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor is just one of seven regions we are working in. Learn more about Kootenay Connect’s focal areas.

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