Bonanza Corridor

Kootenay Connect Year 1 Highlights

Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor Video

An overview of Year 1 of the Ecosystems Enhancement Project.

Bonanza Background Beaver Report
Bonanza Cumulative Impacts Map

This map provides on overview of available data for cumulative impacts in the Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor including land ownership, management jurisdictions, and human activity to inform protection and management of wildlife movement corridors and habitat connectivity. Grizzly bear core (tan) and linkage (yellow) habitats as identified by the Trans-border Grizzly Bear Project have been overlaid with cumulative impacts relative to preliminary upland wildlife corridors.

Bonanza Results Map

Wetland restoration work is occurring at three wetland sites (Summit Lake, Upper Bonanza Creek, and Hunter Siding) led by the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society.