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Wendy King

An extensive corporate background combined with a passion for nature is the unique combination that Wendy King brings to the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society.

Biodiversity in the BBC

Searching for rare species is not your typical day job, but over the past two years ecologists Ryan Durand and Tyson Ehlers have had the opportunity to do just that in the Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor (BBC) in the north Slocan Valley, where they have recorded over 1,000 species, some of which have never before been identified in B.C. or Canada.

Northern Leopard Frog

When we think of Kootenay wildlife, it’s usually the iconic land mammals such as grizzlies and elk that immediately come to mind. Small, sleek amphibians tend not to have the same popular appeal, however these cold-blooded vertebrates face many of the same challenges and risks that other wildlife do — if not more, since they depend on both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. This couldn’t be more true than for the endangered Northern Leopard Frog.

Great Blue Heron

To many in the Kootenays, catching sight of a Great Blue Heron is a special experience. Whether you’re standing at a river’s edge, or on the shoreline of a lake, it’s a treat to spot one nearby, either standing peacefully in the shallow water or gracefully flying by overhead.

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