Our Mandate

The KCP Mandate is to coordinate and facilitate conservation efforts on private land, and to generate the support and resources needed to maintain this effort.

KCP does not directly pursue conservation projects. Rather, as a partnership, KCP supports its members to pursue activities that help realize shared goals.


The KCP vision is to have landscapes in the Kootenays that sustain naturally functioning ecosystems that can in turn support economic and social well-being. We envision vibrant communities that demonstrate the principles of environmental stewardship for future generations.


Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) is a broad partnership of land and water conservation and stewardship groups, government agencies, resource industries, and agricultural producers working throughout the East and West Kootenays.
The partnership seeks to cooperatively conserve the biological diversity and naturally functioning ecosystems of the region while providing mutual project support and leveraging technical and financial resources.

Together we’re taking care of our natural landscapes and our Kootenay way of life.

KCP 2017-2022 Strategic Priorities

The foundation of the KCP partnership is a common approach to land conservation through coordinated securement, stewardship and capacity building.

KCP serves as an important regional network for conservation organizations. We will endeavour, where possible, to use the social capital of the partnership to achieve the vision of the KCP.


Increase the effectiveness, collaboration and coordination of private land securement.


Increase the effectiveness and coordination of stewardship activities taking place on private lands.


Build and provide technical, financial and internal capacity for KCP and partner organizations to undertake securement and stewardship activities. 


Strengthen the network of conservation organizations through communications to achieve efficiencies, synergies and ultimately greater effectiveness.

KCP Strategic Priorities 2017-2022 Visual Summary (4 pages)

KCP Strategic Priorities 2017-2022 Full-Length Document (9 pages)