Conserve Species at Risk Habitat on your Ranch

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Species at Risk

KCP Stewardship Toolkit - Species at Risk

How do I conserve species at risk habitat on my ranch?

Species At Risk Partnerships on Agricultural Land (SARPAL) pilot program is designed to assist cattle producers in adopting management practices that benefit their ranch operation as well as the bird species (until March 31, 2019)

BC Cattlemen’s Association


Receive Incentives for Sustainable Farming

Farm Incentives

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Would you like to receive money for conserving critical habitat on your farm?

The project helps farmers identify the natural values which can be protected and enhanced, and develops recommendations and plans to preserve them.

Farmland Advantage

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Land Donation

Donate land to a land trust


How do I donate my land to conservation?

Some landowners in the region have ecologically significant properties that include these types of habitats and are situated in important wildlife corridors. If you are a landowner with ecologically significant land, you may be interested in conserving its biodiversity and wildlife habitat values for future generations. Land trusts are organizations that acquire properties for conservation. Our role at the Kootenay Conservation Program is to coordinate private land securement amongst these land trusts and key partners and funders so we collectively prioritize the most strategic, important properties for acquisition. If you are a landowner interested in selling or donating your property for conservation, and it has significant ecological values, please feel free to contact the Kootenay Conservation Program.

Kootenay Conservation Program

On behalf of participating land trusts.

Additional Resources

This video explains the Kootenay Conservation Program’s role in private land securement for landowners interested in donating land to conservation.

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Report Terrestrial Invasive Species in the Central Kootenays

Terrestrial Invasives

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Report and learn to control terrestrial invasive species.

Help prevent the spread of invasive plants and animals. Learn more about how to control them on our property, and receive support for treatment. Report using a smartphone app or online form:

Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society


Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society

Additional Resources

This short video provides an overview of the Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society.

CKISS Brochure - Protect the Kootenays from Terrestrial Invaders
CKISS Brochure - Protect the Kootenays from Terrestrial Invaders

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