In June 2023, KCP hosted an East Kootenay Stewardship Committee meeting in Cranbrook, and a West Kootenay Stewardship Committee meeting in New Denver, with the option of remote attendance via Zoom for both.

Each of the attendees provided short update on their organization’s activities using the following two questions as a guide: (1) What’s 1 item or activity that you are working on that you want to be sure others know about? (2) What’s 1 potential collaboration that you/your organization could offer or you would like to request from others? There was also the opportunity for open discussion on current stewardship topics.

The respective morning meetings were followed by local field tours in the afternoon. In the East Kootenay, the field tour took place on a sunny and hot afternoon at the Bull River Grassland Corridor. The West Kootenay field tour was held in the lush green forest of the Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor on a cool and rainy day.

East Kootenay – June 6

West Kootenay – June 14