In spring 2019, KCP hosted an East Kootenay Stewardship Committee meeting in Kimberley, and a West Kootenay Stewardship Committee in Trail.

The latter was followed by a local field tour in the afternoon to the nearby Fort Shepherd Conservancy Area. Participants shared information and updates about their respective organizations, discussed KCP’s initiatives and progress, and brainstormed on how to improve the effectiveness and promotion of KCP’s Landowner Outreach Program: the Stewardship Solutions Toolkit. Participants also shared their own program and outreach materials that their organizations had available.

East Kootenay – May 8

The East Kootenay Stewardship Committee meeting took place in Kimberley. 

West Kootenay – June 26

The 2019 West Kootenay Spring Tour took place in Trail on June 26 with the West Kootenay Stewardship Committee meeting occurring in the morning followed by the afternoon field tour.