The 2019 KCP Fall Gathering was held in Invermere on October 4 & 5, and had over 60 people from 30+ organizations attend!

The organizing theme for the 2019 Fall Gathering was “Biodiversity Hotspots in the Kootenays”, and the conference and field tour focused on exploring these hotspots, what makes them so special, and conservation efforts to protect them.

The KCP Fall Gathering & AGM serves as one of the primary vehicles to connect and re-connect KCP partners from across the region. We thank everyone who attended for helping make the 2019 Fall Gathering an outstanding success!

We are also extremely grateful to our funders who support this event and our program: Columbia Basin Trust, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, The Nature Trust of BC, and Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Event Sponsors