The 2018 KCP West and East Kootenay Spring Tours took place in May and June and included morning Stewardship Committee meetings and catered lunch for members, followed by local field tours to nearby conservation sites in the afternoon.

The afternoon field tours were open to all KCP partners and the public.

East Kootenay – June 7

The East Kootenay Spring Tour was on Thursday, June 7, with the East Kootenay Stewardship Committee meeting taking place in the morning at The Arts Station in Fernie and the afternoon field tour visiting restored beaver habitat, discussing the Elk River Alliance’s latest Cutthroat Trout Research Initiative, visiting Alexander Creek to talk about restoration and community water monitoring, checking out a collaborative approach to wetland restoration near Hosmer, and discussing protecting private land and stewardship with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and The Nature Trust of BC.

West Kootenay – May 3

The West Kootenay Spring Tour took place on Thursday, May 3 with the West Kootenay Stewardship Committee meeting occurring in the morning at the Balfour Hall and the afternoon field tour discussing Landowner Outreach activities in the Balfour Area. Avery Deboer-Smith discussed the water monitoring and osprey monitoring programs of Friends of Kootenay Lake and demonstrated the use of equipment. Marlene Machmer discussed Great Blue Heron conservation and threats, including human disturbance, logging, and dogs off leash. Finally, Jason Rae of Wildlife Conservation Society Canada showed a bat roost in a local bat house and discussed current research on bat houses in the Kootenay Lake area.