CVLCF – Funded Projects 2017

For Baiba Morrow, the mountains are both her muse and her sanctuary. Whether it’s the soaring Himalaya, the volcanoes of Kamchatka or the Ellsworths in Antarctica, they’ve shaped her outlook on life.

Luxor Linkage Wetland – 2017

Nature Conservancy of Canada: This property, located in the Upper Columbia Valley, connects Kootenay National Park to the ecologically significant Columbia River Wildlife Management Area and secures important valley-bottom habitat.

Luke Creek Wildlife Corridor – 2017

Nature Conservancy of Canada: This 396-acre property is located southeast of Kimberley, B.C. in the Wycliffe Prairie area and provides a contiguous connection between the St. Mary River in the south and Crown land in the north, maintaining connectivity for wide-ranging mammals such as grizzly bears.

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