2014 CVLCF Projects Funded

Columbia Lake Water Monitoring – $3400 to the Columbia Ridge Community Association towards the provision of consistent water quality monitoring on Columbia Lake by involving community organizations and residents in gathering the data.

Lake Windermere Water Quality Attainment Monitoring – $3,000 to the Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society to assist in Lake Windermere water quality monitoring and community water stewardship education.

Lake Enid Restoration and Conservation Project – $6000 to Wildsight to restore the damaged riparian and grassland ecosystems on the northeast side of Lake Enid and conserve them by protecting them from future damage.

Dutch Findlay Ecosystem Restoration – $19,920 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help create resilient ecosystems through the restoration of open forest structure in closed coniferous stands which will resist climate change, safeguard communities from catastrophic forest fire and create habitat for threatened species.

Strategic Invasive Plant Control of Leafy Spurge (SIPCOLS) – $5,500 to the East Kootenay Invasive Plant Council (EKIPC) to decrease the infestation levels of Leafy Spurge in the Upper Columbia Valley.

Northern Leopard Frog Reintroduction – $29,890 to the Columbia Valley Stewardship Partners towards the re-establishment of self-sustaining populations of northern leopard frog in the Columbia Marshes.

Climate Action Initiatives – $25,000 to Groundswell Network Society to provide measureable, achievable actions addressing climate change impacts in the Kootenays.

Neighbourhood Invasive Plant Program – $13,000 to the East Kootenay Invasive Plant Council for the prevention of the establishment of new invasive plant species, controlling existing noxious and priority species and, where possible, eradication noxious and priority invasive plants on private lands in the Columbia Valley using and integrated approach.

Abel Creek Barrier Project – $5000 to the Lake Windermere & District Rod & Gun Club to explore options to allow fish to navigate beyond a man-made obstruction that is blocking passage to high quality fish habitat.

Kootenay Community Bat Project – $13,788 to the Kootenay Community Bat Project to help conserve the variety of bat species and their associated habitats that exist in the Upper Columbia Valley.