2012 CVLCF Projects Funded

Nature Conservancy of Canada Lot 48_photo credit NCC

Hoodoo Conservation Property Management Project – $33,500 to the The Nature Trust of British Columbia towards selectively installing fencing, gates and signage, restrict motor vehicles in sensitive ecosystems and help the public appreciate the biodiversity of the Hoodoo property.

Boulder Creek Diversion Project – $10,000 to the Toby Benches Society and Lake Windermere Rod and Gun Club towards improving water quality in two lakes and three streams and increase water quality for several wetlands by constructing a small dam and installing 3.5 km of irrigation pipe.

Reintroducing the Northern Leopard Frog to the Upper Columbia Marshes – $15,620 to the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners towards reintroducing this Species-at-Risk to historic habitat contained in the Columbia Marshes. This project builds on a previous research project supported by the CVLCF and implements recommendations arising from that work.

Dutch-Findley Private Conservation Land Open Forest Restoration Project – $18,950 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada towards an ecosystem Restoration Project to enhance open forest and grassland habitats on private lands in the Dutch-Findley area on the west side of Columbia Lake. Partnerships project with other organizations involved.

Neighbourhood Invasive Plant Program (NIPP) – $16,000 to the East Kootenay Invasive Plant Council towards the inventory and mapping of invasive weeds.  This project will help educate landowners and provide financial assistance to help them remove weeds and reduce the threat to biodiversity from invasive species.

Ecological Goods and Services Project – $4,000 to the Windermere and District Farmers Institute towards testing and demonstrating a voluntary, incentive based, private land conservation program that pays landowners and farmers to maintain and enhance the natural assets that they manage.

Lake Windermere Ambassadors – Water Quality Attainment – $10,624 to the Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society towards assisting the Ambassador’s Society in water quality monitoring, shoreline restoration and water stewardship outreach.

Strategic Invasive Plant Control of Leafy Spurge – $7,500 to the East Kootenay Invasive Plant Council towards decreasing the infestation of leafy spurge in the Upper Columbia Valley. Leafy spurge is one of the top-100 Worst Invasive Species in the world.

Lot 48 Columbia Lake – $100,000 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada towards the purchase of 127ha of high value land for conservation located south of Fairmont Hot Springs on the eastern shore of Columbia Lake.